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It is impossible to have a future without the ease of email, which might partially justify why many of us switched to email services for quick communication and for conducting a more effective business. In 1997, Yahoo Inc. joined Yahoo Mail’s sector, with approximately 250 million global customers [sources: Search Engine Journal], while Prodigy, AOL, and CompuServe arrived earlier. To get best email support contact us.

Regardless of the email service that we depend on, our lives are dysfunctional without it. The Pew Internet and American Life Project carried out in March 2007 showed that 71% of adults in the USA heavily rely on the Internet for their day to day activities. 91% of users write or read emails online, and 56% use emails regularly. When we look at emails exchanged worldwide, IDC predicted an exchange of nearly 97 billion emails daily in 2007.

Here, in this article, we’ll discuss several Web email services’ features and how to use them. First, let’s see how easy accessing different email services is.


Google offers Gmail as a free email program.  In certain aspects, Gmail is like every other email service: offering emails, spam blocking, address book creation, along with other main email activities. But it does have some unique features to render it one of the most common online email services.

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Here, we shall explore some of Gmail’s roles and benefits while providing an overview of the Gmail app.

Gmail, aka Google Mail, is Google’s free mail service. It enables emails across the Internet to be sent and received. At the same time, we will send a message to other people. A type of webmail is the Gmail platform.

 We can also access Gmail via third-party software.   The IMAP (Internet Message Control Protocol) or POP protocols (Post Office Protocol) synchronize email contents on Gmail. To get best email support contact us.

Gmail features:

Gmail offers many essential features to make your email experience as smooth as possible, including Spam filtering, Conversation View, Built-in chat, Call Phone. 

Yahoo Mail

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Check out Yahoo Mail for what it does, and you will discover a lot more from the service than just sending and receiving emails. To start with, you exchange emails in 21 languages. Furthermore, you get limitless message storage capacity, spam blocker, contact list, email search, virus scanning, and personalization supported on Yahoo Mail account.

The latest version of Yahoo Mail was released in August 2007 and enables consumers to choose how they connect by changing email, communication, and text choices. This edition also provides keyboard shortcuts, RSS feeds for direct access to web content update and mobile access from smartphones and PDAs through specialized apps.

AOL Mail

AOL Mail, aka AIM Mail, is a relatively recent development in America Online’s long (by Internet standards) history. AOL has always offered email service to its paying customers and only through its proprietary, all-in-one software package. However, in 2005, AOL launched its first free Webmail service, known as AOL Mail.

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AOL Mail differs from AOL’s traditional email program because it does not depend on any special software, and it’s available for free to anyone, not just AOL subscribers. Like other Webmail programs, AOL Mail runs over the Internet using standard Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, et cetera. AOL Mail users go to, enter their login information and start sending emails. To get best email support contact us.


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Hotmail is arguably the first public webmail systems to which any web browser can connect. Before Hotmail and its rival -Four11 RocketMail, an email was either accessible via a computer with pre-downloaded software or an Internet Service Provider (ISP) arrangement.

While several people have email addresses using, they inadvertently use the website of Since then, most people have wondered- Whatever happened to good, old Hotmail?

Microsoft Outlook in 2021

When you generate a new email address, Microsoft will still have Nevertheless, in 2011 it transitioned from Hotmail. It began the program in 201 2. is a web-based personal details manager made up of webmails, schedules, contacts and job resources. To get best email support contact us. is the individual, web-based mail account that is not the same as Outlook, the MS Office suite mail client service. figures include:

  • 400 million Users
  • Start date: 31 July 2012
  • Supporting languages: 79
  • Owner: Microsoft
  • Top size fitting: 20 megabytes.
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Features of

  • Email scheduling: lets you write an email and deliver it the day and time you need.
  • Fast Bits: The ‘Quick Parts’ feature helps users store email text identical to a prototype for repeatedly received emails.
  • Email structure that can be customized: Your emails can be colour coded for keywords or information. For instance, you can use red, green or some other colour instead of unread messages marked with bold font.

Verizon email support

verizon email

Verizon updated how its clients accessed emails in 2017. All customers would need to subscribe to another email provider such as AOL or Yahoo rather than via the Verizon mail service. During the years, they have learned that our respected customers have more capable email systems. We agreed to abandon the email company and concentrate our efforts on delivering the best television and the internet service. To get best email support contact us.

Why Verizon abandoned its email services and it’s support?

Over the years, Verizon found that other email systems are far more capable than theirs. Thus, they opted to leave the email industry and concentrate on supplying its clientele with the latest Internet and TV services.

This change will not affect your Internet, TV, Fios, or phone service.

If you access email via AOL, you can access your mail via Please go directly to if you use Yahoo for accessing your mails.

For further guidance and assistance, kindly contact your email provider directly.

SBCGlobal email support Email is an email service initially provided by the Southwestern Bell Corporation, (aka SBC)

Today, SBC still operates as a division of AT&T. However, the SBCGlobal Email service has now been re-christened under the AT&T branding, and email addresses have switched to the AT&T Yahoo! Service. To get best email support contact us.

However, individual consumers continue to use and support the erstwhile SBCGlobal email addresses.